Sunday, May 31, 2009


Finally, i'm done with exams! It has been months since i last post. It's time to post an entry on events happened and going to happen. :)

Next, i will be busy helping my friend to create a website for his company, design and search for contractor for our love loft, searching a nice place for our ROM solemnization...etc. Though lots of things are coming up, its still better than preparing for exam. -.- I'm getting excited and looking forward for all upcoming events as well as overseas trip with friends in July09! =)

Some updates:-

We had signed a package with my dream wedding, and will be going for my first fitting soon. Must go on diet already, has been eating junk foods during exams preparation. So fat now!! Fabian called me 'pig' not dear dear already. so sad. Went to food fair & john little sales at expo with his parents today. His mum bought a so called jian fei tea for him and ask whether i want it anot. Of course i want!! Wahha! They having sales.. 2 for $10 usual price is 1 for $8.90. I bought eyelash glue and a pair of shoe again today. Yes, i just love to buy shoe but this time is not heel. Have lots of heels and flats at home already, but i still want more! Whee! :p

This is the tea, will update how does it taste and results soon.

Oh ya.. Face shop is having 20% storewide sales with an additional 5% discount for members. I love their mask and skin care product. Of course i bought lots. Total damage: $70. Haiz.. cannot spend too much already, got to save up for many many things now.

Alight got to get busy with my fren's website already. Bye~!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

- Missing You -

So sorry for the lack of updates... Have been busy working, studying, preparing for my best fren's wedding and hanging out pretty much on weekends. The lazy bones in me just prevent me from blogging. Nevertheless, i will try to blog on a weekly basis!

My beloved dear dear went for reservists last Monday. I miss him so much ~~ Time flies so slow.. its only the 6th day after he left Spore to Australia. He called me just now and i was like so surprise to hear his voice. My poor dear sound so tired. The weather there was very hot in the noon & cold at night. His lip was so dry that he drank lots of water also no use.. and lucky him found a lip balm!! He didn't slp well coz of the cold weather. He was cover with two jackets, a blanket and was hiding in the sleeping bag but still feel cold. Haiz... hopes he can take it for another two weeks. Awaiting for him to be back manz~~~

Went Carnivore @ Vivocity with my frens after sending him off. It has been a long time since our last gathering. The four flowers finally has chance to meet up for a shop and dinner. Though we meet each other in school, but still didn't chat much during our lesson coz we wanted to pay attention! lolx. We chats alot and as usual lots of laughter while having our dinner.

If you are a meat lover, Carnivore is definitely a place for you! The kife-welding Passadors (meat waiters=Brazilian) will come to your table and slice the meat from large skewers onto your plates. The meats (beef, port, chicken, lamb and fish) are marinated and cooked over fire till perfection.